The Units Reconciliation Dialog

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The Units Reconciliation Dialog

Postby forumadmin » Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:47 pm

As of mid September 2012, you will see a new dialog when you open a drawing that has different units assigned to it than the active project. See this blog entry for more information:


Much of the immense amount of code we wrote to drive DraftLogic Electrical's expert system automation for you depends on how much real world distance one unit represents in model space. AutoCAD has a number of system variables that touch on and dance around what one drawing unit can/should represent, but there isn't anything as definitive as we needed...thus we put a tag of our own in each drawing to indicate to DraftLogic Electrical what distance one unit in model space represents. It is vital that the active project, i.e. last selected project, has its 'Drawing Unit Represents' parameter set to the same as the electrical design DWGs for that project.

Until mid September 2012, DraftLogic Electrical would check the active project's units versus the drawings & inform you with a dialog if there is a mismatch. The only options you had were to force the units tag in the drawing to be changed to match the active project's or to continue on into AutoCAD with a potential mismatch. And many of you know firsthand of the ugliness that results when DraftLogic Electrical tries to do any automation for you when it has been told that the units in a drawing are different from what they really are!

The New Units Reconciliation Dialog

The new dialog, see attached below to take a look at it, still comes up in the same circumstance as the old units conflict dialog (i.e. units mismatch between active project and drawing). With the new dialog, you can see each of: the active project, what the units are set to for that project, and what units the drawing you are opening is set to. You can also change any of these three right on the Units Reconciliation Dialog--changes to the project insofar as units setting and which project is active are all sent back to the database and synchronized with the Project Library. So now we have a 'one stop' dialog on load to smooth out the selection of active project and units.

Sections and Usage

There are two sections to the New Units Reconciliation Dialog. The top frame, 'Active Project', is all about what project is active for your DraftLogic Electrical session. This comes from the same database tables that the Project Library uses. Use the drop down lists to specify a different existing project and/or to change the 'Drawing Unit Represents' parameter value for the active project. The lower frame 'Drawing Being Opened', tells you what units the hidden DraftLogic Electrical tag in the DWG being opened is set to. You can change that assignment using the drop down list in that frame.

*** In order to load DraftLogic Electrical, the two units selections must match each other. If you don't make this happen before attempting to 'Continue' out of the Units Reconciliation Dialog, you will get another dialog advising you of your options in resolving the mismatch (picture attached below).

At the bottom of the dialog there are two buttons. Select 'Continue' to go ahead with loading DraftLogic Electrical once you have made any desired adjustment to the active project, its units setting, and the units assigned to the drawing. Select 'Do Not Load DraftLogic Electrical' if you wish to abort the loading of DraftLogic Electrical's executables and just want to run AutoCAD. Note the DraftLogic Electrical profile will still be active in AutoCAD (if it was when you last used AutoCAD), but none of the DraftLogic Electrical functions will work. All regular AutoCAD features and other custom features will function normally.

AutoCAD May Be Minimized

Since we want to ensure that the Units Reconciliation Dialog does not get hidden behind AutoCAD, leaving you wondering why AutoCAD isn't finishing its load while AutoCAD wonders why you aren't answering the dialog, we usually minimize AutoCAD when we call up the Units Reconciliation Dialog. In certain circumstances, AutoCAD will remain minimized on your taskbar even after you have finished with the Units Reconciliation Dialog. When this happens, just click on the AutoCAD icon on the taskbar to maximize it. This 'desire to stay minimized' happens most often when you use the 'Do Not Load DraftLogic Electrical' button.

In Closing

We hope you enjoy the new Units Reconciliation Dialog! Please let us know what you think of it.

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Introducing the New Units Reconciliation Dialog
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