Controlling Which Motors Show on the Single Line Diagram

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Controlling Which Motors Show on the Single Line Diagram

Postby forumadmin » Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:36 pm

With the 4.1 release of DraftLogic Electrical in October 2013, you now have more granular control over which motors show up on the Single Line Diagram.

There is a new parameter in the 'Motors' parameters category, 'Motor Display on Single Line Minimum FLA' for you to set the FLA cutoff for motors to be shown. This value is the minimum FLA for a motor to appear the Single Line Diagram. As before, MDP & MCC motors are always shown.

Motors Parameters in Project Library
Motors_Parameters_20130929.PNG (13.41 KiB) Viewed 27481 times

If you are wondering how a motor that you did not specify FLA gets such value, DraftLogic Electrical takes care of this for you. Once you circuit a motor and run any report that triggers the Load Calculator (i.e. Bill of Materials, Panel Schedule, Single Line), the motor's FLA will be calculated regardless of whether you specified wattage, horsepower, MCA, or any other method of indicating the motor's electrical requirements.
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