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Precise Control Over Annotation Plotting

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:17 am
by forumadmin
DraftLogic Electrical now includes a function to move all visible annotation to separate layers from the parent symbols so that you can control the color of the annotation separately from the color of the parent symbol. By having the annotation a different color, your plotting can utilize a different lineweight for the visible annotation versus the symbol's geometry.

See the general description of the function in our blog:

The layer change for the annotation takes less than a couple of seconds even on a project with thousands of devices in it. Annotation is pushed to separate annotation layers for each system, thus maintaining your ability to isolate by system in model space and for viewports.

You can access the new functions from the Reporting tool group on the DraftLogic Electrical Command tool palette (see attached ReportToolGroup_20111218.png) or from the Reports submenu on the DL Electrical menu (see attached ReportMenuTopArea_20111218.png).

The Annotation to ANNO function will take all text that is visible annotations of DraftLogic Electrical symbols & move it from the parent symbol's layer to a separate layer for each system that shares the layer groups base name with a _ANNO suffix. For example, circuit numbers of receptacles will move from xDL_RECEPTACLE to xDL_RECEPTACLE_ANNO whereas the circuit numbers of fixtures will move from xDL_LTG to xDL_LTG_ANNO. Execute this function as many times as you need on a drawing, each time it is run it will only affect text that is visible annotation of DraftLogic Electrical symbols & still on the parent symbol's layer, i.e. annotation that has already been moved will not be affected.

The Annotation to Parent function will do the reverse, returning any text that is visible annotations of DraftLogic Electrical symbols back to the same layer as the parent symbol. If there is no annotation that has been moved to an _ANNO layer, this function will simply do nothing. This function will also not affect text that is visible annotation of a DraftLogic Electrical symbol and is already on that parent symbol's layer.

Both of these new functions affect DraftLogic Electrical symbols in model space & those for reports and schedules in the layouts.

The database updates necessary for these functions were in place for DraftLogic Electrical Server build The other files necessary to use these functions involve a quick update to some executacles (and will be included in regular releases as of approximately January 2012).

Let us know if you desire to implement these functions at your site or if you have any questions!

Re: Precise Control Over Annotation Plotting

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:19 pm
by forumadmin
Please note that the annotation layering in DraftLogic Electrical enables you to modify your plot settings for the annotation layers to make them differ from the device layers. This means modifying your CTB file or other plotting control so that the settings are to your liking for the annotation layers versus the other layers.

This article explains your options and how to make such modifications:

Re: Precise Control Over Annotation Plotting

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:17 am
by forumadmin
Attached are three CTB files in a zip archive if you want to try them out as a starting point for your plotting settings.