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Motor & Heater Schedule


Never Miss Motor & Heater Schedule

You likely generate a Motor & Heater Schedule several times during a project.  The mechanical specifications and requirements are subject to frequent changes at the whim of the client and mechanical consultants.  Your organization may refer to this schedule by a somewhat different name, like: motor schedule, motor/heating schedule, motor list, or motor and heater list.

The Motor & Heater Schedule includes the detail for each individual motor and heater in your project, taken from the most up to date information in the floor plan for each time the schedule is generated.  As with all DraftLogic Electrical reports and schedules, the Motor & Heater schedule is generated completely automatically for you. 

Motor and Heater Schedule Complete


Detailed Schedule In Seconds

With DraftLogic Electrical, it doesn’t matter how many times you have to update your Motor & Heater Schedule, since it takes only seconds to refresh it.   Simply make whatever changes are necessary in the floor plan and the new Motor & Heater Schedule will report on the current motors and details about them.


Heaters Optional

You decide whether or not to include heaters in the report.  Change your mind?  No worries, it takes only seconds to generate a new Motor or Motor & Heater Schedule


Motor Schedule Complete



The Motor & Heater Schedule reports exactly what is in the floor plan in seconds.  Never any motors, heaters, or values from them missed, never any numbers transposed incorrectly.

Mechanical consultant making changes like there is no tomorrow?  No worries, the schedule takes almost no time to update.

Rich in detail, the Motor & Heater Schedule will be perceived as high value by your client, increasing the perceived value of your services.



Standard DWG

The schedule that is created is built with standard AutoCAD blocks.  This means you can scale, rotate, copy & paste, move, modify any values, and even save the Motor & Heater Schedule out to its own DWG.