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Single Line Diagram


Automated Single Line Diagram Generation With Fault Calculations

The Single-Line Diagram report reports the interconnectivity of the branch circuit panels, central distribution panels, main distribution panel, meter centers, transformers and certain motors in the drawing.  Your organization may call this schedule something a bit different, like: one-line diagram, single-line diagram, one line diagram, simplified riser diagram, or simple riser diagram.  It is similar to an electrical riser diagram wherein both types of report show the distribution devices for a project and how they are connected.

DraftLogic Electrical creates single line diagrams from scratch as part of its reporting facilities. You can have DraftLogic Electrical generate a complete single line diagram (in portrait or landscape format) with just a few mouse clicks.  When we say 'from scratch' we mean 'from absolutely nothing'!  DraftLogic Electrical will create a new layout in AutoCAD and place all the symbols and interconnecting lines by itself.

Whether you have your project set to us the USA National Electrical Code (NEC) or the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), each time you run the single line diagram DraftLogic Electrical will completely recalculate the load on each single line diagram device & determine the protection type, protection rating, conductor length, conductor type, conductor size, conduit type, conduit size, and any applicable bonding/grounding conductor.  Each of these decisions that DraftLogic Electrical makes is subject to override values that you, the user, might specify for one, many, or all of the single line devices.  This same recalculation to ensure accuracy is done for any report or diagram generated in DraftLogic Electrical that uses such information.  

Fault calculations are also refreshed every time a related report is requested by the user, including the Single Line Diagram.  The fault levels kaic rating is shown for each panel and panel-like object represented on the panel schedule.  Voltage drop calculations are performed inherently as part of the process of producing any of the schedules or reports that detail distribution device conductors (aka feeders in the project or main service to the utility transformer).  This includes the Single Line Diagram, Panel Schedules, and Bill of Materials.

Due to the speed with which a designer can lay out and interrelate distribution devices in DraftLogic Electrical using our accelerating drafting features and Circuit Manager, the Single Line Diagram can be used for very quick (i.e. 20 minutes or less per design) what-if scenarios for the distribution equipment in your electrical design work.  You don't need to place any utilization devices for 'what if' work, all of our distribution symbols include a user override for existing/future wattage that you can enter your load hypothesis into for the purpose of generating a pro forma one line diagram.


Diagram Structure

All members of the Single Line Diagram report their phase, voltage, bus, breaker, feeder, and fault level as applicable.  When a bonding or grounding conductor has been used, the detail for it is also shown.  Conductor specifications include the number of parallel feeders, conductor material, conductor count, and conductor size.  We provide two sets of conductor symbols--one that includes disclosure of the feeder length and one that does not.  So it is up to you whether your one line diagram includes the feeder lengths or not--and it takes only seconds to switch between displaying or not displaying lengths.  You might thus disclose the lengths while you are working on and reviewing the design in your firm, but produce a 'no lengths' version for your client.

Separate voltage types are organized into their own sets of columns with the 120/208V devices to the right and increasing voltages as one looks toward the left edge of the page at the Single Line Diagram (i.e. working up the power tree toward the main distribution panel).

Motors are captured on the Single Line Diagram if they meet any one of three criteria:  1) are circuited directly to the main distribution panel, 2) are circuited to any motor control center, or 3) have a horsepower rating of 15 or larger.


Single Line Diagram Complete
A Portion of the Single Line Diagram for a 277/480V Project

Large Project Single Line Diagram





Awesome for LARGE Projects

Do any of you really want to manually create the single line diagram for any projects, forget about a monster like the one to the right?  All protection and conductors selected for you, all the blocks and lines arranged as you see them...completely automatically! 




The project is completed in less time by saving users hundreds to thousands of: clicks to query attributes, keystrokes to enter data in the Single Line Diagram, and repetitive low value decisions.

Assures information from the drawing is accurately transposed to the single line diagram as it is done without any work required of the user.

Increases the value of the engineering firm’s work in the eyes of its clients by allowing for single line diagrams to be generated for all projects as many times as desired.

Allows fast and easy 'what if' analysis of the distribution components of a proposed project or renovation without having to place any utilization devices to represent load on branch circuit panels (use our 'existing' load override instead).


Standard DWG

The schedule that is created is built from standard AutoCAD blocks.  This means you can scale, rotate, copy & paste, move, modify any values, add devices, and even save the Single Line Diagram out to its own DWG.