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Media Information Overview


Media Information Overview

Welcome to the DraftLogic media information page.  Herein we provide information of interest to our media contacts, explain some of the terms used in our website, and offer executive contact for interviews and comments.


Media Contact

Two of our executives are available for interviews and comments:  Gerry Stebnicki, President and Dean Whitford, CEO.  Please email us or use the enquiry form to arrange an appointment or conference call.  We can also arrange for web demos for those that desire to see any of our products in action.


Press Release Summaries and Links

Our press releases and general news are both on this page:


Key Points About Our Company And Products


DraftLogic’s Mission

Our mission is to create expert systems to help our clients better engineer building systems.

To state with greater detail, DraftLogic will empower our clients to finish projects faster and more accurately at the same time as providing more value to their clients.  We do this by building expert systems CAD software to relieve our clients of repetitive engineering tasks and give our clients more time to concentrate on high value-add work.


DraftLogic’s Products

Our first product is DraftLogic Electrical, created to automate building electrical system design.

DraftLogic Electrical accelerates building electrical systems design completion by automating most of the project phases, eliminating thousands of mouse clicks and keystrokes for the user.  DraftLogic Electrical is an expert system, combining the power of DraftLogic’s patented expert system technology with AutoCAD’s industry leadership and customizability and the reliability and scalability of a Microsoft database to store expert system data.

There is complete information about DraftLogic Electrical in this website, but we have consolidated a features summary for you on two pages in particular:

Features List Part A

Features List Part B

Future products will expand the range of building systems that we provide automation for & perhaps extend our expert system expertise into other engineering realms.


Important Terms



The industry leader of computer aided design software, AutoCAD by Autodesk has more installed seats of CAD than any other vendor.  The DWG drawing file format is the undisputed standard format for sharing CAD data.  DraftLogic Electrical is built to run on top of AutoCAD and to generate completely standard DWG data.

For more information about AutoCAD, please see:


DraftLogic Electrical is AutoCAD 2010 Compatible

DraftLogic is an Autodesk Authorized Developer

DraftLogic Electrical is AutoCAD 2011 Compatible


DraftLogic Electrical produces completely standard DWG files, fully compatible with all your current DWG related processes and information transfers to clients and fellow consultants.
DraftLogic is an Autodesk Authorized Developer, which gives us access to Autodesk-direct development resources to make our products better.
DraftLogic Electrical is AutoCAD 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 compatible.



Expert Systems

An expert system is software that is part of a branch of computer science called artificial intelligence.  Specifically, an expert system is software that contains the knowledge of human experts in a certain realm of knowledge and that uses that knowledge to solve problems and perform tasks.

DraftLogic Electrical was built in close consultation with over seven experienced buildings systems design engineers and technicians with over 100 years of cumulative experience in the field.

For more information about expert systems and artificial intelligence, see:


SQL Server

Microsoft’s SQL Server is one of the top three relational database management systems in the world.  It provides a secure, stable, and scalable place for DraftLogic to store and maintain our expert system data.  For our clients running a handful of seats, DraftLogic Electrical installs the stand-alone SQL Server Express.  For clients with a number of seats, DraftLogic Electrical supports use of the full SQL Server.

For more information about Microsoft SQL Server, please see: