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Customizing Schedules & Floor Plans


Customizing DraftLogic Electrical Schedules & Floor Plans

As you likely saw at the Client Deliverables Overview page, DraftLogic Electrical prepares a robust set of schedules and floor plans for you...all completely automatically!

We ship these schedules and floor plans ready to use out of the box, so you are up and running immediately after your training.  Since the naming systems and esthetic desires differ widely among design companies, however, it is possible that some of the names we use or schedule layouts may not be exactly what you desire.  The easiest thing, of course, is to try our schedules and floor plans as-is and see if your staff and your clients truly have a problem with the style that our information is presented in.

If it turns out that you do desire to change our schedules and floor plans, there are some relatively easy modifications that you can make.



Labels and Column Headings on Schedules

The column headings and field labels (i.e. text that tell you what the number to follow means) on our schedules can be modified--the schedule base blocks are all completely standard AutoCAD blocks.  In the schedule blocks we have text labels and fillable attributes.  The content of the text labels can all be changed as you desire, although you probably want to keep the overall 'meaning' the same!  The text labels and attributes can be rearranged within the schedule as long as you keep each label+attribute set located such that readers of the schedule will understand what the numbers on the schedule mean.  So, for example, all occurrences of 'watts' or 'wattage' as column headings and 'w' field labels can easily be changed to read 'va' or 'volt-amps' if you wanted.  It takes only minutes per schedule to change the text labels to read more to your liking.


Adding Graphics and Text to Schedules

Within the confines of the schedule block, and with some flexibility to change the size of the schedule blocks, you can add graphic elements or additional text elements.  You can even add attributes as long as you are planning on filling those values on your own (or working with us to have them automatically filled each time the schedule is generated).  Thus your company logo can be placed on all the schedules in a location of your choosing & you could add text descriptors of anything you desire:  contact information, code references, construction notes, etc.


Attribute Names Left As-Is

The only element that must be left alone is the attribute names on the schedules since DraftLogic Electrical is looking for these attribute names as places to put data for you.


Floor Plans

DraftLogic Electrical generates a number of floor plans automatically.  This process creates a layout for you, created a viewport of the size and shape you specified in model space, and automatically turns on and off layers to match the systems desired to be on for the particular layout type.  Since these are standard AutoCAD viewports on standard AutoCAD layouts, you can then modify these elements as you would any other AutoCAD viewport/layout.

If you desire layouts with different systems showing than the DraftLogic Electrical supplied ones offer, you can of course create layouts and viewports manually or using whatever tools you are using today.  

Regardless of how the floor plan viewport and layout came to be (i.e. automatically created by DraftLogic Electrical or created by you), you can then add title blocks and cut and paste and scale any of the other schedules to be arrayed around the floor plan if that is your company standard to do so in order to present lots of project information consolidated onto a number of large plots.


Conductor Abbreviation

The MCM conductor specification suffix is database driven, so you change this to 'kcmil' or 'kcm' if you desire.  This change to the conductor specifications database table would be a one time change per database delivery & would be done with a script so only take a minute or so.


Contact Us to Discuss Other Alterations You May Desire

As always, contact us via email, phone, or chat to discuss your desires and how we can help you to achieve them!