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Update 2015/2/16, copied from our Sales FAQ page:

ConEst IntelliBid Integration

I was under the impression that DraftLogic Electrical offered a complete export into ConEst IntelliBid, but I don't see mention of it on the website anymore. Is there integration or not?



You are correct that DraftLogic Electrical offered a complete export into ConEst IntelliBid in the past. The function is still working as it did in the past on the DraftLogic Electrical side, but we cannot commit to the ConEst IntelliBid database taking the information handed off to it as it did when our companies first collaborated on the functionality years ago. If you are looking at DraftLogic Electrical for this integration, you must verify with ConEst that they will support the integration prior to going further with your evaluation of DraftLogic Electrical. DraftLogic Inc. does not support this functionality or commit to it working.


Old webpage content for past information only:


Bidding on an electrical job is tough--bid too low, and you will get the job but will lose money;  bid too high and you won't get the job, all your time invested in the bid is lost.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an advantage over your competitors?  

An advantage like being able to completely design a prospective project.  By doing so, you could submit both a more accurate bid & at the same time a bid package with complete design documentation to impress the potential client.  But that would mean investing much, much more time into each bid.  Right? 

What if I told you that you can increase the accuracy of your bid and submit a more complete bid package, and do so in less time than you spend in making a bid today?



More Accurate and Complete Bids Produced Faster?  



Don't Be So Quick To Judge, Let Us Show You How with DraftLogic Electrical and ConEst IntelliBid!

DraftLogic Electrical already stands apart from other electrical design software in the way that it vastly accelerates productivity through patented and patent-pending automation of all of: device placement, circuiting, branch circuit wiring, floor plan creation, and schedule generation.  In addition to accelerating electrical design, DraftLogic Electrical also accelerates electrical estimating.  

For the fastest estimates, use DraftLogic Electrical in conjunction with ConEst IntelliBid 7.0.  Using this combination, electrical estimators can focus on the important work of determining and optimizing their estimate since there is NO counting, NO scaling, NO measuring, and NO take off work for line voltage systems!

For those who want to accelerate their estimating work but do not use ConEst IntelliBid 7.0, DraftLogic Electrical still includes a complete Bill of Materials to base estimates from.



Got Half An Hour or So to See How You Can Revolutionize Your Design - Bid - Build Process?

That's right, just over half an hour to see how DraftLogic Electrical and ConEst IntelliBid can vastly reduce your bid costs while at the same time increasing both bid accuracy & the prospective client's perception of your bid package.

Check out the rest of this webpage and watch these three quick videos to learn how we help you to revolutionize your design - bid - build process:

Watch a 9.5 minute video of DraftLogic Electrical used to perform the electrical design of a school.  (If you want to see a more detailed overview, we have a 32 minute version.)

See how DraftLogic Electrical integrates with ConEst IntelliBid in this 8.5 minute video.

Learn about ConEst IntelliBid in this 20 minute overview

Now call us at 780-906-2888 to talk about how we can get you started with DraftLogic Electrical and ConEst IntelliBid!


Jump to the Videos:

Quick Link to DraftLogic Electrical HD Quick Overview 9.5 Minutes

Quick link to DraftLogic Electrical 
HD Overview Video 9.5 Minutes

 DraftLogic Electrical and ConEst IntelliBid Integration YouTube HD Video

Quick link to DraftLogic Electrical &
ConEst IntelliBid Integration Video 8.5 Minutes
Quick Link to ConEst IntelliBid Overview Video 20 Minutes
Quick link to ConEst IntelliBid
Overview Video 20 Minutes

 Quick Link to DraftLogic Electrical HD Overview 32 Minutes

 Quick link to DraftLogic Electrical 
HD Overview Video 32 Minutes




DraftLogic Electrical and ConEst IntelliBid Integration Performance

The World's First and only Complete Electrical Design Exporting into Estimating Software: Go from Architectural FloorPlan to Completed Electrical Design and Estimate Up To Fourteen Times Faster 

More Accurate and Complete Bids Produced Faster

DraftLogic Electrical is the only electrical design software available in the world that is able to completely automatically feed all line voltage elements of an electrical design into electrical estimating software*.  Using DraftLogic Electrical and ConEst IntelliBid 7.0 together, an electrical designer/estimator can go from an architectural floor plan to a completed electrical design and estimate up to fourteen times faster than designing outside DraftLogic Electrical and manually entering their raw data into estimating software.    

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

DraftLogic Electrical includes seamless integration with ConEst IntelliBid v7 estimating software for complete IPD. Prepare your bid starting in DraftLogic Electrical to quickly and accurately perform electrical design for the project. The material quantities gathered during that process are then automatically transferred into ConEst IntelliBid’s Count Sheets where the estimator then performs the final step to go from completed electrical design to completed estimate.  When you win the bid, finalize your electrical design in DraftLogic Electrical, again transferring the design into ConEst IntelliBid to finalize your materials needs.  Lastly, easily meet any as-built documentation requirements by updating your DraftLogic Electrical design, reports, and schedules--your schedules and reports are completely automatically updated, including the Single Line Diagram.



Completely Automatically Feed All Elements 



With just a few mouse clicks, DraftLogic Electrical users can send all elements of their electrical design into ConEst IntelliBid's count sheets.  After the handful of minutes export process is complete, all devices, for example luminaires, receptacles, and motors, are in their count sheets with associated detail.  This alone saves immense amounts of estimator time in counting and data entry, but is nowhere near the extent of DraftLogic Electrical & IntelliBid integration.  Panel schedules for every panel and every circuit are populated.  Every interconnection from every Branch Circuit wiring run is populated, including support for DraftLogic Electrical's multiple circuit home run groupings, saving the estimator from any take-off and scaling work.  Vast detail about each piece of switch gear, motor, and feeder is fed into their respective count sheets, saving thousands of keystrokes.

See DraftLogic Electrical and IntelliBid Integration In Action

Interested in learning more or seeing the DraftLogic Electrical and ConEst IntelliBid integration in action?  See an overview of the DraftLogic Electrical and ConEst IntelliBid 7.0 integration at YouTube (, switch to 720p full screen for the best viewing experience.  Join in on one of our twice monthly live demos by going to for the schedule.  Call 780-906-2888 or email to get information or to schedule a WebEx live demo.

Learn More about ConEst and IntelliBid


ConEst IntelliBid Leading Electrical Estimating Software

ConEst Software Systems, makers of IntelliBidConEst Software Systems is a privately held corporation headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire serving customers worldwide since 1989. ConEst is the leading provider of a fully integrated suite of construction software solutions for onscreen digital takeoff, estimating, design build, project management and service scheduling & billing software to the electrical, data cabling and low voltage contractor markets. ConEst products incorporate technology and user-friendly, timesaving features that enable their customers to manage the entire construction process from design and bid through project management and final billing to meet the demands of today's specialty construction industry. See ConEst's website to learn more about them at
To learn more about IntelliBid specifically, jump right to the IntelliBid pages.

Bill of Materials Schedule Included in DraftLogic Electrical

DraftLogic Electrical also comes complete with an exhaustive Bill of Materials report that includes all conduit, wire, and cables for both distribution feeders and for branch circuits.  Design-build and electrical contracting companies can use the Bill of Materials as the basis for an estimate of construction costs.

 DraftLogic Electrical Bill of Materials

 * DraftLogic Electrical feeds all system devices into ConEst IntelliBid's Count Sheets, completes all panel schedules, captures all switch gear, captures all motors, and captures all branch circuit wiring for line voltage systems (lighting, receptacles, small motors, heaters).  At this time, users need to manually capture wiring for other systems, like low voltage systems.