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License Management


Flexible License Management

DraftLogic Electrical is protected by timed licenses that are released by a DraftLogic license manager to coincide with the term of your license.  The license manager is hosted at one of our websites, so client workstations need to contact it when their timed license is due to expire, typically 120 days for the evaluation period and then yearly after that.  Authorizing over the Internet takes seconds and a phone option is available for sites that cannot access the Internet.


Network License Management

Although DraftLogic has not implemented a network license manager, we are pleased to offer a couple of options that achieve the same end—license availability for all your staff at the frequency that they need to use the application, without having to purchase licensing on a 1-1 ratio per user.
In the first scenario, we work with you to determine the maximum number of concurrent users that will be expected and you purchase 'Y' number of DraftLogic Electrical seats.  We then install DraftLogic Electrical on all workstations that will want to use it.  In this scenario, we may be charging for 20 seats but installing our client software with full availability on 40 seats.  We would be relying on you to ensure that there are never more than 20 concurrent users—and if use does exceed the initial estimate, to purchase additional licenses to cover the extra concurrent users.
In the second scenario, we have an easy 'license manager' solution for sites where you are using the Autodesk License Manager AND want to have as many DraftLogic Electrical seats available as you have AutoCADs—you purchase the same number of DraftLogic Electrical licenses as you have purchased licenses of AutoCAD and then we install our client everywhere that AutoCAD is installed and running off the Autodesk License Manager.  The users can't run DraftLogic Electrical unless they take an AutoCAD license up, so our licenses in use are effectively managed by the Autodesk License Manager.  That only works where the number of AutoCAD licenses and the number of DraftLogic Electrical licenses at a site are desired to be the same, of course.

License Management Summary

The net of all this is that we are more than happy to discuss site licenses with any of our clients looking to outfit all or most of their building electrical designers with our software.  We don’t want ‘license management’ to get in the way of us helping you to be successful and you in turn helping to ensure our intellectual property is respected.