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DraftLogic Electrical Integration Q & A


Integration Questions & Answers



In working with the companies that have purchased DraftLogic Electrical & in conversation with those who would benefit from DraftLogic Electrical, some of the same integration questions have come up several times.  In the pages referenced below, we address those questions--just click the below links or use the top menu to browse for the detailed integration information you desire.
CAD Standards--use that included with DraftLogic Electrical as-is or modify to completely or partially match your existing standards?




We hope the above content has helped you to understand the implications of the various types of symbol and layer changes that you may be thinking of.  We urge you to think carefully of if your firm truly needs to depart from our supplied standards or if your clients will instead be happy with our CAD standards…or perhaps not notice any change except the more robust deliverables you will be making with DraftLogic Electrical!
Please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.