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WebEx Demonstrations


Attend a free WebEx demonstration of DraftLogic Electrical

DraftLogic offers free WebEx demonstrations of DraftLogic Electrical in action.  The sessions typically run an hour long, which includes a start-to finish walkthrough of a project & some time for questions and answers.  If there are many questions throughout, sessions have lasted as much as an hour and a half.

Please advise you would like to schedule a live WebEx demonstration by emailing us at

We will provide the login information and ask a couple quick questions to get a basic overview of your company's needs in order to tailor the presentation to your benefit.




If you have scheduled a live demonstration with us, go to five minutes before the session is to start (to allow time for WebEx components to download if needed) and click the 'Join' link that will show up on the right hand side of the line listing the demo session.

All you need to take part in the webinar is an Internet connection for the visual portion and either a regular telephone or VOIP (i.e. microphone and speakers on your computer) for the audio portion.  If you desire to use VOIP, please ensure you have a quality headset as most built-in microphones are of insufficient quality for conferencing.




Unable to Attend or Don't Want to Wait?

Check out DraftLogic Electrical on your schedule by viewing our videos on YouTube.  Change the resolution to 720p and view full screen for the best viewing experience.