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How many times in a project do you wonder why AutoCAD isn't doing more for you?  There are so many things that you have to do that seem like CAD-drudgery rather than anything like the meat of electrical design!  It begins with having to snap and rotate every wall mounted device to its wall, or having to calculate and place all the luminaires to light even the most mundane of space uses and culminates in you having to manually select the devices for each and every circuit on each and every branch circuit panel.  AutoCAD has been out for almost thirty years & there are flavors of it that do great things for architects and civil engineers...why not electrical designers?

We're willing to bet that CAD-drudgery is holding you back.  You spend so much time doing mundane, boring, and repetitive tasks that you really don't have time to show  and grow your design expertise.  It is all about doing only what absolutely must be done in order to meet deadlines that are all-to-soon.  You need software that helps you rather than handcuffs you, so that you can show your clients your building electrical design skills and knowledge and truly meet their design needs instead of having to focus all or most of your time on merely 'meat and potatoes' electrical design.

Do you have some tools that help you somewhat with manual electrical design, like AutoCAD MEP or custom made corporate tools?  DraftLogic Electrical includes such 'manual assist' tools, but goes much much further!  Only DraftLogic Electrical has expert system automation to completely get you out of manual & near manual electrical design.  Read on to learn more & explore our website completely to see all that DraftLogic Electrical has to offer.  Give us a call if you want to talk about your needs to learn if DraftLogic Electrical is a good fit.


The Ultimate in Building Electrical Design

DraftLogic Electrical is the building electrical design software you have been waiting for!  Built on computer aided design leader AutoCAD, DraftLogic Electrical was created by electrical designers for electrical designers.  Best of all, DraftLogic Electrical's patented and patent pending expert systems automation does the mundane, boring, and repetitive electrical design work for you, freeing up your time to concentrate on matters that your electrical design expertise is truly needed. 

Say Goodbye to the Mundane

DraftLogic Electrical is going to save you an immense number of clicks and keystrokes, thousands per job.  This is true whether you are using Automated Device Placement, Automated Circuiting, Automated Branch Circuit Wiring, or Automated Reports and Schedules or if you are using the accelerated 'manual' design tools.

DraftLogic Electrical takes care of the repetitive tasks like gathering devices together for circuiting.  DraftLogic Electrical takes care of the mundane tasks, like gathering information from motors, heaters, and kitchen devices and putting that into the schedules that report on them.  DraftLogic Electrical also takes care of the boring tasks like gathering all the data together for all the circuits and making panel schedules.  Finally, DraftLogic Electrical takes care of the mind-numbing tasks like figuring out which circuits to group into multi-circuit home runs and determining and placing the branch circuit wiring interconnecting lines and home runs.

Do you know any electrical designers that actually like to total up the wattage for each luminaire in each room and calculate a watts/ft2 in order to create a lighting wattage per square foot report?  I don't think so, especially when you run into one of those 100+ room projects!  This is another example of something that DraftLogic Electrical does completely automatically for you--gathers the total wattage for each room, the square feet of each room, calculates lighting wattage per square foot, and creates a complete lighting wattage per square foot report with lines for each room, floor summaries, and a project summary.

Error Prevention -- the Best Kinds of Errors are Those that Never Happen

After a training session not too long ago, one of the attendees let me know that he would really have liked to have DraftLogic Electrical for the project he just finished, as he had spent the prior entire Sunday in the office checking all the circuited devices versus the panel schedule to ensure everything was circuited and the wattages were correctly totalled.  Sound familiar?  I bet everyone nodding their heads had better things to do that weekend.

DraftLogic Electrical includes comprehensive quality assurance and coherence tests that are automatically run before it produces the reports and schedules that you request.  Where it can simply accommodate for a change, like if the wattage of some devices is changed but the circuit protection is still sufficient, DraftLogic Electrical will make the required modification to the circuit's total wattage and continue.  Where the issue found is material, for example if the total wattage for the devices on a circuit was increased beyond the specified protection, DraftLogic Electrical will either halt the reports batch (for the most serious issues) or do something like strip the entire circuit and continue--marking the affected devices with error/warning arrows so you are made aware of the issue and what was done.

This is just one example of the wide variety of ongoing quality assurance that DraftLogic Electrical provides you.

The Designer Remains in Control

With all of these electrical design automation benefits, some fear that the automation prevents them from exercising their engineering discretion and expertise.  Fear not, with DraftLogic Electrical the electrical designer remains firmly in control.  See lots of detail in this regard on our Designer in the Driver's Seat page

Call Us About the Task You Hate the Most

Did I fail to mention any of your top 10 hated electrical design tasks?  Drop us an email or give us a call to mention the building electrical design task you hate the most--DraftLogic Electrical most likely has a way to ease the pain.