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Productive Day One


Productivity Gains From the Start

Competitor products leave you to put things together before they are truly usableMany of you have already used or are using Building Electrical System Design products that require forty to a couple hundred hours of configuration time before they are truly ready to use. 


It is like having to assemble a massive jigsaw puzzle before you can really get going.  Some of us might like jigsaw puzzles in our leisure time, but I don't think we like being forced to assemble one before we can be productive at work...

3D puzzle assembled





DraftLogic Electrical is ready to use out of the box--you will be productive on day one!  We have assembled that very complex puzzle for you.  This is in addition to being the only product to provide real electrical system design automation. 

Productive on Day One ?!?

Are you wondering 'How can this be?' 

Well, we have stocked our expert system databases with thousands of room definitions, luminaire details, and everything else you need for most projects. 


The room library contains room definitions that specify the foot-candle based lighting, room perimeter receptacles, rule-based lighting, and rule-based receptacles for 1200+ different room types.  The luminaire library includes detailed specifications and images for 1300+ different luminaires in 40 categories.  The design parameter library and project library make the number of rooms types usable on a project manageable with almost 100 preconfigured groups of room types and also allow you to reuse the 75+ project parameter settings under your control for similar projects.

Further to preloading the four libraries of definitions, we have included a robust set of building electrical systems engineering symbols and layers.  The 350+ symbols are organized into categories like luminaires, receptacles, fire signaling, nurse call, and more.  DraftLogic Electrical automatically places symbols and lines, that either you or DraftLogic Electrical select for placement, on the proper layer of the over 60 included layer definitions.  The supplied symbols and layers and their automatic selection together form an integrated set of CAD Standards.

Automation Leveraging Room and Luminaire Definitions

All of the data in the various expert systems libraries is not much use if there is not expert systems automation to make use of it! 

DraftLogic Electrical is the only building electrical systems design product that includes robust automation to take care of the repetitive building electrical systems design work for you. 

Let's look at automated circuiting, for example. 

Others say they have 'automated circuiting' but make you place your panels, choose a circuit to use, choose the devices to include, and thus only automated adding the circuit load for the panel schedule and populating the circuit number in the device attributes. 

DraftLogic Electrical's automated circuiting does it all for you & does it like you would yourself:  placing panels of the proper phase/voltage as needed, selecting circuit numbers to make construction friendly circuit groupings and promote neutral sharing, assigning the panel ID and circuit numbers into each device for each circuit, totalling the load for each circuit on the panel schedules.

Automated circuiting is only one part of the true expert system automation that DraftLogic Electrical provides you with.  There is also automated building electrical systems device placement, automated branch circuit wiring, and automated generation of a full spectrum of floor plans and schedules.

Growing With You

While using DraftLogic Electrical, you will ocassionally need to add a room, luminaire, project, or design parameter definition.  All of these are retained in the expert systems databases for everyone at your site to use.  DraftLogic Electrical thus grows with you & serves to retain the building electrical systems knowledge in your firm.  No other building electrical systems design product does this for you.

More Detail About Day One Productivity

Read more about our expert systems databases in general at our overview page here, the room library page here, the luminaire library page here, the project library page here, and the design parameter library page here.  There is more detail about the integrated CAD Standards here.