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New Feature Provides More Options on Floor Plans Appearance

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The circuit numbers, switch IDs, luminaire tag numbers, and other text you see on a DraftLogic Electrical floorplan are all visible attributes of the symbols (aka blocks) that they are associated to. Being basically a part of those symbols is great since it allows DraftLogic to do so much for you, like assigning those circuit numbers during Automated Circuiting and nicely arranging all the visible attributes with the Annotation Organizer.

New Feature to Control Annotation

Today we are pleased to announce that DraftLogic Electrical now includes a function to move all that visible annotation to separate layers from the parent symbols so that you can control the color of the annotation separately from the color of the parent symbol. By having the annotation a different color, your plotting can utilize a different lineweight for the visible annotation versus the symbol’s geometry.

Speed is Not an Issue

The layer change for the annotation takes less than a couple of seconds even on a project with thousands of devices in it. Annotation is pushed to separate annotation layers for each system, thus maintaining your ability to isolate by system in model space and for viewports.

Completely Reversable

If you need the annotation returned to the same layer as the parent symbol, another quick function completes the round trip for you.

For detail on how to use the new functions, see this forums entry.

Thanks again to Daniel for this feature request!

Best of the Christmas season to all,
Dean Whitford & Gerry Stebnicki
DraftLogic Inc.