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Automatic Drawing Validation

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

After working with a variety of DraftLogic Electrical users for some time, it became apparent that certain issues in the drawings were much more common than any others.  These are issues related to room and floor boundaries & duplicate symbols.  In order to minimize the time that these issues cost our users, DraftLogic Inc. has built an automatic drawing validation tool that will be included in our June 2012 release.


What is Checked?

Most of the ways that a room or floor boundary can go wrong are checked, things like unclosed polylines, overlaps, missing or too many floor match symbols and room IDs.  Including these and other checks that are done, there are well over twenty conditions checked in this first release of the automated drawing validation tool.


Does the Automatic Drawing Validation Tool Do More Than Identify Issues?

In addition to checking for common issues, the automatic drawing validation tool will resolve issues that have only one possible resolution, saving you immense time in tracking down and fixing this type of issues.  So things like unclosed polylines, zero length lines,  zero length segments in polylines, and completely duplicate blocks are all automatically dealt with and reported to you.


When Does the Automatic Validation Happen?

The automatic validation happens on load of any DWG and also at critical points in the reporting process, for example before the single line diagram or panel schedules are created.  You can trigger it anytime you want using the ‘Check Blocks & Polys’ tool from near the bottom of the Drawing Discovery tool group on the Command tool palette.


We Need Your Feedback

Please let us know what you think of the drawing validation tool & if there are any tests  you disagree with being done (especially any of the automatically fixed issues) and if you have an idea for another test that would help you with a troublesome area.

Since the test automatically runs on drawing load and we did not want old error arrows causing confusion versus new ones dropped by the drawing validation tool, we are now clearing all error arrows from the DWG on load.  Let us know what you think of this, as it prevents you from leaving unaddressed error arrows in a save for reloading tomorrow.  The only way to do that now would be to WBLOCK the errors out and xref them to the drawing after loading in the new AutoCAD session…so very inconvenient if you want to keep error arrows active between saves!


For More Information

See the detailed forums entry about the drawing validation tool at this forums page.


Looking forward to your questions & feedback,

Dean Whitford, CEO
DraftLogic Inc.

ConEst IntelliBid V7 Released–DraftLogic Electrical Design Automatically Transferred

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Hey folks,

In case you missed the ConEst and DraftLogic press releases over the past few months, ConEst released their IntelliBid version 7. In addition to numerous goodies in the estimating environment improved upon over prior versions of IntelliBid, DraftLogic Electrical can transfer every element of your completed design into the IntelliBid V7 count sheets. This saves you innumerable mouse clicks and keystrokes! Now instead of the drudge-work of counting, clicking, measuring, and typing to get the detail from the design into the estimating software, electrical estimators can now focus on applying their estimating discretion to complete an estimate.

See our news page for more information, or the Electrical Contractor website coverage of the same. We also have detail about the IntelliBid integration on the DraftLogic website.

Dean Whitford, CEO
DraftLogic Inc.