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DraftLogic Electrical: 2013 Soon, Revit Best Source Data

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Greetings DraftLogic Electrical Users!

We hope that the New Year is progressing well for you & that 2012 credit card hangovers have started to heal.

No new release this month, but updates on several topics: the next release, a Revit export done right is the best source, features list, and reporting on attribute values.

Next Release—AutoCAD 2013 Compatible

DraftLogic Electrical V4.0 is scheduled for release at the end of February or very early March.  This release will maintain compatibility with all the AutoCAD versions we used to support and add AutoCAD 2013 (32bit and x64).  There will be a Release Candidate available early for those who want to run AutoCAD 2013 ‘now’.  See this blog entry for more details on where we are at and about the Release Candidate.

For anyone who has installed or is installing AutoCAD 2013 and desires to keep older versions of AutoCAD around, see this forums item about a ‘non-error’ error dialog you might run into.


Revit Export to DWG Done Right is the Best Source

If you have spent any time doing electrical design, you know that one of your highest risks in any project is in dealing with what the architect supplies as a source floor plan for your electrical design.  This is true whether you are using DraftLogic Electrical or not.  Since DraftLogic Electrical needs room and floor boundaries to do everything it can for you, your time in what we call the ‘Drawing Discovery’ phase of work is purely dependent on the quality and completeness of what the architect supplies.

Want to minimize your time spent in ‘Drawing Discovery’ but still want top quality room boundaries?  If the project architect is using Revit and is willing to check off one extra checkbox during their ‘Export to DWG’ process, you can end up with ready-to-use room boundaries!

See this forums entry for more details about the export process.

See this webpage for details on how to utilize the better source data and get out of ‘Drawing Discovery’ quickly with great room boundaries.


Can DraftLogic Electrical Do This?

Many of the support questions we get are related to things folks want to do with DraftLogic Electrical & they think DraftLogic Electrical is not able to do what they want in that regard.  We find that a fair number of these questions actually tie into an existing function that the user in question simply did not know existed!  So to answer the questions you or others in your company may have regarding ‘Can DraftLogic Electrical do this?’, we have compiled a functional inventory.

See these two webpages for the current list:  features A & features B, or click here to download the PDF version.


Reporting on Attribute Values

When you design in DraftLogic Electrical, you create a wealth of information in the electrical design symbols’ attributes.  This is especially true if you are an avid user of the ‘Remarks’ attributes.  It is very easy to create reports of any of these attribute values, see this forums item to download a ready-to-use reporting template and for instructions on how to use it.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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