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DraftLogic Electrical 4.1: Now AutoCAD 2013 + 2014 Compatible, 140+ New Devices, Genius Luminaire Tags

Friday, October 4th, 2013

The world’s first building electrical design expert system just got even smarter!

In addition to the minimum 200% building electrical design productivity increase we have always provided, now you can create your own luminaire naming systems and have them implemented completely automatically. We have also added over 140 new devices, including combo emergency / exit lighting. Release 4.1 also adds compatibility with both the 32bit and 64bit versions of AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD 2014.

There is also a smattering of performance tweaks, process improvements, and issue resolutions. Finally, for our CEC users, the default feeder selections have been modified to use the 75 degree column.

We strongly recommend that all DraftLogic Electrical users update to 4.1.

Important Details

Luminaire Type Naming Now Retained & New Naming Systems

The 4.1 release of DraftLogic Electrical will now remember your selections and the last used names for luminaire types. No more changing type assignments between executions of the Luminaire Schedule and Luminaire Catalogue, unless you want to change them.

The enhancements to luminaire type naming also include a number of new luminaire type naming systems & provides you with the ability to add your own new naming systems. The current ‘categorize by light source into numerical ranges’ system remains available among a number of new ones that are ready to go (‘Light Source Subcats: ### ‘).

There is also a new dialog to give you the ability to change TYPE selections for any CODE or TYPE, no more messing with AutoCAD Quick Select & Find/Replace.

See this forums item for details:

Controlling Which Motors Show on the Single Line Diagram

With the 4.1 release of DraftLogic Electrical in October 2013, you now have more granular control over which motors show up on the Single Line Diagram.

There is a new parameter in the ‘Motors’ parameters category, ‘Motor Display on Single Line Minimum FLA’ for you to set the FLA cutoff for motors to be shown. This value is the minimum FLA for a motor to appear the Single Line Diagram. As before, MDP & MCC motors are always shown.

See this forums item for details:

Suite Protection Calculation Factor

In the 4.1 release of DraftLogic Electrical, shipped October 2013, the protection calculation factor has been split apart for suite panels and all other panels. Now when you run any report that uses the Load Calculator, if you have any suites they will use the new ‘Suite Protection calc Factor (%; No min)’ project parameter for their feeder and protection calculations. The default value on this new parameter is 0% versus 25% for the ‘Protection calc Factor (%; CEC Min 25)’ project parameter.

See this forums item for details:

CEC Feeder Calculations Updated

The CEC feeder calculations have been updated to use the 75 Degree Column on Tables 2 & 4 in compliance with recent CEC direction. If your organization desires to default to a different column, please contact us for a database script to meet your needs.

See this web page for the details about all tables referred to in the CEC and NEC by DraftLogic Electrical:


New Building Electrical Design Symbols

Over 140 new symbols have been added to our already-robust symbol library of building electrical design symbology. The new arrivals include such things as combination emergency floodlight / exit signs.

In addition to a large number of new devices added to the symbol library, many existing symbols have been enhanced with additional attributes.

*** As per all releases that affect symbols in any way, please run ‘PDLFIXBLOCK’ to update the symbols in a drawing that you started in a prior version of DraftLogic Electrical. There is more information on ‘PDLFIXBLOCK’ at the bottom of this forums entry:


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DraftLogic Christmas Availability

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Hi everyone,

Most important of all, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Now back to business…DraftLogic will be available for support throughout the Christmas season, with only sporadic absences of a few hours.

So please call/email/chat as you need for assistance & we will either be immediately available as per usual or be getting back to you within a 1/2 day.

Note the holiday season may be a opportune time to upgrade your site to DraftLogic Electrical V3.0 if you have not already done so!

Kindest regards to you and your family this holiday season,
Gerry Stebnicki, President & Dean Whitford, CEO

ConEst IntelliBid V7 Released–DraftLogic Electrical Design Automatically Transferred

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Hey folks,

In case you missed the ConEst and DraftLogic press releases over the past few months, ConEst released their IntelliBid version 7. In addition to numerous goodies in the estimating environment improved upon over prior versions of IntelliBid, DraftLogic Electrical can transfer every element of your completed design into the IntelliBid V7 count sheets. This saves you innumerable mouse clicks and keystrokes! Now instead of the drudge-work of counting, clicking, measuring, and typing to get the detail from the design into the estimating software, electrical estimators can now focus on applying their estimating discretion to complete an estimate.

See our news page for more information, or the Electrical Contractor website coverage of the same. We also have detail about the IntelliBid integration on the DraftLogic website.

Dean Whitford, CEO
DraftLogic Inc.