AutoCAD 2013 Compatibility Update

We have been hard at work on our AutoCAD 2013 compatibility for some time now, and are very close to being able to release it to you.

The Big Picture

AutoCAD 2013 is the start of a new ‘family’ of AutoCADs (usually three years makes a family), and it is the new family starts where Autodesk typically makes their big moves in regards to the API (application programming interface).  Everyone that wants their application to work on AutoCAD 2013 versus 2012 or earlier needed to update to minimum Visual Studio 2010 in order to be able to generate executables of the higher .NET Framework level required by AutoCAD 2013.  Also typically, once developers like DraftLogic Inc. have migrated their software to run with the first member of a new AutoCAD family, it is no work or minimal work to maintain compatibility with the next two members of the family  🙂

Our Status Today

We have the bulk of the work done & have started to use the new version internally for all our testing and demonstration purposes.

For anyone that has been eagerly awaiting our AutoCAD 2013 version, we are happy to arrange a Release Candidate update for you.  This involves updating a few folders and one file & setting up your profile manually in AutoCAD 3013 (unless it was migrated automatically like mine was when I installed AutoCAD 2013), estimated total time 10 minutes.  Contact me if you are interested!

A Release Candidate should be available within a week (i.e. February 7) followed a few weeks later by the full release of DraftLogic Electrical 4.0 which will be compatible with AutoCAD 2007 to AutoCAD 2013.

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