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Winter is Here and So is a New Release

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Welcome to winter!

DraftLogic Inc. has a gift for you to soften the blow of the oncoming cold season.  On Monday, we will release the latest version of DraftLogic Electrical, V3.0.0.671.  The new benefits in this version coupled with the benefits from the optional upgrades in September and October make this release strongly recommended.


Data, Fiber, Voice, Coaxial Symbols

The first round of our symbols updating efforts is ready for release.  We have added new fiber communications symbols and new combo (data, voice, and coaxial) symbols.  All communications symbols have been enhanced to show on plots, in abbreviated format, the number of ports/jacks they have on them.  For example: 2D, 2D/2V, 2F, and 2D/2V/1C.  There is now also a list to select details about the jacks, wall plate, or cable on each communication symbol.  Both lists are database driven, so adding / changing / removing items from the list is quick and easy.


One Touch Removal of Branch Circuit Wiring Elements

There is a new ‘Erase Lines Keep HR’ tool on the BCW tool palette and in the BCW submenu of the DL Electrical menu.  The tool gives you a one touch removal of BCW elements for those that want to use Automated Branch Circuit Wiring.  You can remove all interconnect related BCW lines and symbols, leaving only home run text blocks and arrows, or use the second offered option to retain home run symbols, like junction boxes, that were placed during Automated Branch Circuit Wiring or manually.  In the future, we will activate a third option that allows you to additionally retain all multicircuit interconnects.


More Intelligent Suite Related Bill of Materials and Export to ConEst IntelliBid

Prior to this release, BCW interconnects and home runs were only associated with a particular master suite if they were completely enclosed in the suite in question.  This required you to ensure that such drawing elements were completely in the suite’s service area.  With this release, DraftLogic Electrical will first look at the wire configuration details on BCW interconnects and in home run attributes to determine suite membership.  This association will be used regardless of the location of the interconnect or home run, so suite multiplication will happen as desired even if, for example, an interconnect runs outside the walls of the suite’s service area.  Only in the case where the wire configuration data (that includes the servicing panel) does not exist or is invalid is the location used to determine if the interconnect or home run should be multiplied as per suite contents or not.


Protection Overrides Now Smarter Than Us

Prior to this release, you could select an incompatible protection type override and protection size override, for example a 225A fused disconnect.  DraftLogic Electrical would slavishly create the nonexistent for you.  Now, DraftLogic Electrical looks upon the protection type override as ‘king’ and selects a legitimate protection size and frame size based on that.  If you have selected a nonexistent combination, DraftLogic Electrical will select the next highest legitimate protection and frame size.

We have also added more messaging about the rectification and application of overrides through dialogs in the Circuit Manager and warning arrows in Automated Circuiting.


Goodies from Optional Upgrades the Last Couple Months

If you haven’t upgraded since the August 28, 2012 V3.0.0.603 release or prior, these blog entries detail what was included in the optional upgrades in September and October:


Upgrade Effort

We estimate that running the Client and Server upgrades will take just a few minutes.  Overwriting the three databases completely will take another couple minutes.  If you have Room, Luminaire, Project, or Design Parameter Library records that you have added or modified and desire to keep, it will take another few minutes to run a script to update the DraftLogic database rather than replacing it (the DL-Config and DL-Control do not house any of your data so can be overwritten).


We’ll follow up on Monday with a note to point you to the updates and quick instructions on performing the update!  Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.


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