Tips and Optional New Release: Block Clusters Tool Palette and Dead Stripe

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Some tips, some news, and an optional update for you this week.  Headline items are the release of the block cluster tool palette and the death of the nefarious Stripe.


Block Cluster Tool Palette


The ‘add new blocks’ work that we started after the last major release is ongoing.  Today we have a palette of block clusters ready for you.  A block cluster is a bundled set of standard DraftLogic Electrical devices that you place with one click.  The devices can have any sort of values/status attached to them that you like:  specific wattage load, usage, emergency service status, etc.  For example, we have a hospital bed headwall that includes a couple quad receptacles (one emergency power serviced), a nurse call, a code blue, and data/telephone ports.  Normally, even with DraftLogic Electricals auto snap and rotate, you are looking at just over 10 mouse clicks and some keyboard strokes to get this all done.  With the block clusters, it is two clicks to place the first cluster and just one more click for each subsequent one.  Think of the time savings in a facility with hundreds of beds!


See this forums item for information.




High Volume Move & Copy Tools – Stripe is Dead!


Remember Stripe, the evil leader of the Gremlins?  Well, I have been hunting him in the high volume move & copy tools for quite some time.  In training, I tell folks to escape out of those tools and restart them if Stripe shows his ugly mug.  Last week we discovered his hiding place and disposed of the nasty green fellow.  The high volume tools now initialize and function as desired all the time!



Easy Room Creation with BOUNDARY & Room Creation Method Summary


Long ago, we experimented with using the AutoCAD BOUNDARY tool as a semi-automated method for room creation in circumstances where Automated Room Creation was not suitable to use.  Since BOUNDARY relies on a good set-up of active layers/lines, we couldn’t reasonably automate its use.  Our newest user Chris reminded me last week of how BOUNDARY can be very handy to ease the making of manual room boundaries.  See this forums item to learn how BOUNDARY  can significantly reduce your time spent when you need to manually draw room boundaries.



Using BOUNDARY gives us a fourth general method for creating rooms.  See this forums item for a summary of each method and when its use is best called for.




Expanding on the Use of Room Gap Lines


Sometimes it will be of benefit for you to use room gap lines instead of windows.  A great example is where exterior wall offices have glass walls and doors facing into shared office space in a building’s core.  See this forums item for details.




Luminaire Tags in Tiny Spaces


We recently discovered and partially resolved a sensitivity that the Automated Luminaire Tags code had for tiny spaces, like closet sized or if you use super slim spaces on exterior walls to capture plugs and receptacles mounted on the building exterior.  Before this optional build, Automated Luminaire Tags would halt when it encountered such spaces because it couldn’t find room in the space to place a luminaire tag.  In the optional build being released this week, we have enabled Automated Luminaire Tags to recognize such ‘impossible’ situations and not attempt the placement of a tag.  Sometime in this quarter we’ll take the final step of empowering Automated Luminaire Tags to place a tag near but outside the space so you get automated tags for exterior wall fixtures.  If you want automated tags to work for these exterior spaces, just ensure they are drawn large enough, say 3m minimum face width, to contain a luminaire tag.



Optional Update Available Later This Week


The optional update that includes any DraftLogic Electrical code & tool palettes updates mentioned above will be available later this week, let me know if you desire to take delivery of it.  Will take just a few minutes to run the updates, a bit extra for those that desire to retain additions and changes they have made to any of their four Libraries data.



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