DraftLogic Electrical News: Luminaire Category Changes, CEC/NEC Tables, and Improved Circuiting Service Areas

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DraftLogic Electrical news this week: You Control Luminaire Categories, CEC/NEC Tables Details, and Improved Circuiting Service Area Validation


Luminaire Categories In Your Control


You have all seen the 41 categories that the luminaires are organized in when you open the Luminaire Library or select luminaires in the Room Library or Attribute Editor in AutoCAD.  Did you also know that the category names, the order of the categories, which category a luminaire is in, and the contents of the list of categories is all under your control?  That’s right, you can add categories, reorganize luminaires into new and different categories, reorder categories, rename categories, and delete categories.  See this forums entry for details on how to do so.



CEC/NEC Tables Details


Interested in knowing the tables and columns that DraftLogic Electrical uses for its automatic protection and conductor selection calculations?  If you prefer data from a different table or column to be used at your site, you can update the relevant DraftLogic Electrical table to make it so.  Contact us for the options on making such changes.  See the NEC and CEC Tables webpage for details.



Improved Circuiting Service Area Validation


In a recent training session, one of our trainees discovered a ‘rabbit hole’ where they were allowed to set up an emergency service area to a panel that was then unable to take any emergency circuiting to it.  In some circumstances, the panel type and segregation were not set to allow emergency circuiting, but the circuiting service area setup process allowed the service area to be created.  In other circumstances, the circuiting service area setup process did not allow the service area to be created, which was correct behavior, but it didn’t tell the user why their desires were not being fulfilled.  Both situations were frustrating!  In our current release, which is an optional upgrade of some files (eta to perform 3 minutes),  we have increased the intelligence of the circuiting service area set up code to offer to automatically make destination panels compatible with the service area being set up & furthermore we added all the necessary messaging to let the user know what is going on with their service area creation.  Thanks go to Chris for finding these issues so that we could improve the situation.  Drop me an email or give me a call if you want the files for the optional upgrade.




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