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DraftLogic Electrical News: Optional New Dialog, AutoCAD and its Eating Problem, Your Input on Symbols

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Good day, Building Electricalizens!


This week we have a goodie to offer you, some tips about keeping your workstation running at peak performance, and a request for your input.


The New Units Reconciliation Dialog


OK, quick survey: everyone who likes having to jump between the units mismatch warning dialog and the Project Library raise your hand! What, nobody???  Well, today you can get an optional upgrade to get the new Units Reconciliation dialog & be done with ‘the old way’.  See this blog ( ) and this forums entry ( ) for information.  Contact me if you want the files to do the upgrade—estimated time to perform is two minutes with no database complexities involved.


AutoCAD Eats Memory


Any long-time CAD user knows about AutoCAD’s tendency to munch memory and not give it back…due to the tens of thousands of automatic operations typically executed in a DraftLogic Electrical session, DraftLogic Electrical  both exacerbates the memory eating and suffers from it.  This forums entry lets you know what to keep an eye on and how to avoid being the victim of plummeting performance due to memory munching.

( )


Need Your Symbolic Input


OK, let’s straighten that out…we don’t need your ‘symbolic’ input, we need your input on symbols aka blocks!  One of our upcoming releases is going to focus on adding blocks to the DraftLogic Electrical CAD Standard.  Let us know what you would like to see included.  We would love to see what you want, so please also send DWG samples of blocks you would like added to DraftLogic Electrical.  Marty & Julie…I know you would like to see a exit light with floods symbol to complement the entries we added to the luminaire library for them in the last release, let us know how you want it to look  🙂


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New Units Reconciliation Dialog

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

OK, quick survey: everyone who likes having to jump between the units mismatch warning dialog and the Project Library raise your hand! What, nobody???

The Old Way

You are probably very familiar with the couple of different dialogs that appear when you start up AutoCAD and the ‘Drawing Unit Represents’ parameter is a different units type versus the type assigned using our hidden tag inside the drawing you are opening. If your AutoCAD acts like mine, it insists on loading a blank template all the time–so I am always getting the units mismatch dialog telling me what the project units are and offering to change the drawing to be the same. Much of the time, I need to change the active project so end up opening the Project Library to sort that out & then having to reload the drawing to get everything back in sync.

The New Way

Today we are pleased to introduce the new ‘Units Reconciliation Dialog’, which enables you to see each of: the active project, what the units are set to for that project, and what units the drawing you are opening is set to. You can also change any of these three right on the Units Reconciliation Dialog–changes to the project insofar as units setting and which project is active are all sent back to the database and synchronized with the Project Library. So now we have a ‘one stop’ dialog on load to smooth out the selection of active project and units.

Please see the forums for more detail on what the new Units Reconciliation Dialog looks like and how to use it:
Contact me if you want to get this dialog now, this is an optional upgrade that involves updating just one file in the \Server folder and one set of files in the \Client\bin directory–estimated time for the upgrade two minutes.

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