New and Improved Luminaire Tags…Part 1

Question: which building electrical design software automatically places luminaire tags for you? DraftLogic Electrical, of course! Well, you likely all very well knew the answer to that one. DraftLogic Electrical has been automatically placing luminaire tags for you since day one, and further to that it has been automatically categorizing and sequentially numbering the tags to allow for the completely automatic generation of a luminaire schedule.

Although we have always provided you with industry-leading automation like that in the automated luminare tags and luminaire schedule, We at DraftLogic have always wanted to give you more control over the luminaire tagging and also to make even ‘smarter’ placements. With today’s release of DraftLogic Electrical, that is all coming to life.

With the new luminaire tags, you now have lots of control over the results of the automated placement. You choose one of several different density levels and a buffer, scale, and maximum service distance (i.e. distance that multiple luminaires will ‘share’ the same tag).

In about 8 weeks, we plan to release the luminaire tag automated placement part 2 with enhancements versus today’s version: faster execution, specific handling for centering in tbar cells, and last but not least, some enhancements based on your feedback.

See the forums entry for more detail on how to use the new luminaire tag automated placement:

As always, please email, call, or chat us if you have any questions!

Dean Whitford, CEO & Gerry Stebnicki, President
DraftLogic Inc.

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