Your Choice of Service Description for Named Devices on Panel Schedules

We are pleased to announce that we have put you, our user, in the driver’s seat for what shows up in the panel schedule’s service description column.

This is yet another way that we leave the control of what happens in DraftLogic Electrical up to you! Due to so many questions about user control from prospective buyers after they see our eye-popping electrical design automation, we’ll soon be posting a web page to let everyone know that the user remains in full control of the results & specifically how we enable that.

Back to the new feature announcement…after we thank Daniel L for bringing this feature request to our attention. Thanks, Daniel!

When you generate panel schedules, you can now have the ‘service description’ column filled in three different ways for single-device circuits where the device has a unique name, equipment tag, or description assigned:

1. Report the equipment tag (aka description) only, falling back to the unique name if there is no equipment tag on the device.

2. Report the device location only

3. Report a combination of 1&2.

This is all in effect as of build, which can be updated with a single file overwrite from build If you have not yet updated to V3, we will be replacing the installers with ones this weekend.

In the past, panels and motors were reporting their unique name and all other circuits were reporting their location. With this change, all single-device circuits where the device has a unique name, equipment tag, or description assigned will act in accordance with your choice of one of the three above options at a new project parameter created for this purpose. Note that all circuits still get a single letter prefix to let you know if the circuit is for a child panel, child transformer, receptacles, motors, lights, or mixed.

See more information about this new feature in the DraftLogic Electrical forums.

Let me know if you have any questions or desire to get this free upgrade for all users,
Dean Whitford
DraftLogic Inc.

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PS: Daniel, we are now working on your request to be able to separate visible attributes onto separate layers with the ability to differ in color from their parent block. ETA for release of the new function is a couple weeks.

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