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What have we done for you lately? DraftLogic V3.0 Quick Update!

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Hey folks,

We’ve been so busy with our DraftLogic Electrical V3.0 update that we have not been very good at communicating with you about what’s happening…sorry!

Regardless, DraftLogic Electrical V3.0 is now shipping.  The biggest improvement is complete native support to run on all 64bit AutoCADs 2010 thru to 2012 inclusive in addition to what we supported in V2.0, which was all 32bit AutoCADs 2006 thru to 2012 inclusive.

Here’s a quick list of some of the highlights of our work the past 12 months:

  • Many cycles of improvement in Annotation Organizer (the Annotation Organizer automatically arranges visible annotation in the floor plan plots for best readability, saving you an immense number of hours of clicking and dragging annotation around)
  • Very soon to be released completely reworked Automated Luminaire Tag Placement
  • New ‘Export to IntelliBid’ function/report for direct transfer of detailed materials requirements to estimating software
  • Even more accurate distances for Bill of Materials, including a number of user modifiers
  • User overrides for distance to parent for all power tree devices, large motors, and all homeruns
  • Motor controls reported on Motor Schedule
  • Now compatible with all 32bit AutoCADs 2006 thru to 2012 inclusive
  • Now compatible with all 64bit AutoCADs 2010 thru to 2012 inclusive
  • Libraries have many more functions added
  • Approximately 30% more ‘out-of-the-box’ template entries in libraries

We’re in the process of contacting all our users to arrange the updating of their site to the new version, call or email us at your convenience if you haven’t heard from us yet and want to move ahead ASAP.


Dean Whitford
DraftLogic Inc.