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Success Through Technology and Process

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Technology – Make it Your Advantage

Our world is changing more rapidly than many of us would like but the reality that technology is becoming more and more important in our daily lives is clearly evident in everything we do.

Computers have changed our lives forever and will continue to impact how we manage our time and activities. It has shaped the way our children see the world and what many of us older generations see as an inconvenient intrusion into our private lives the younger generations see as an undeniable advantage of access to communication and information.

Failing to recognize the importance of technology in our evolution will leave us at a disadvantage. Innovative and creative companies that embrace the new tools are the ones that will advance and grow as they are serving the new generations that have high expectations.

Work ethics are changing, long term commitment of staff is an elusive goal for many companies. Often the only consistent denominator in many organizations is the operating system that can accommodate change easily.

Removing Some of the Variables

The establishment of a dependable and easily manageable system for production that is efficient and productive can yield large rewards. A system that will accommodate staff changes easily and is consistently productive and meets the needs of consumers is critical for success. Look at McDonalds, which has endured for decades by doing things right. Make no mistake they have changed dramatically over the years to adapt not only to consumer demands but also to allow the system to work efficiently despite a high churn rate for staff.

Building the right system for your organization can mean the difference between success and failure.

Use the Right Tools Effectively

Having the right people is important but you also need to empower them with the tools, resources and knowledge to work effectively and efficiently. Today that means the most current technology in the vast majority of cases. If you don’t keep up with technology you will be left behind.

At DraftLogic, we understand the importance of making things easy to use and highly efficient. A system that automatically complies to standards, reduces the opportunity for errors, is productive quickly and fits well into the technological demands of today’s world is an important ingredient for success.

Do Your Research

When looking at new technology make sure you look carefully at what each product can do for you. There are many tools out there with many claims. It is important to understand what is reality and what is sales hype. Don’t be fooled by buzz words and claims that make unrealistic promises

At DraftLogic we have backed out claims with detailed benchmark testing.

Those that chase dreams will catch them.

Gerry Stebnicki, P. Eng, Bsc. Electrical