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Thirteen times performance from DraftLogic Electrical


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DraftLogic Electrical Benchmark White Paper


DraftLogic Electrical V2.5


Benchmark Test







In September and October of 2009, DraftLogic arranged for a medium sized electrical engineering firm to perform a benchmark test for us.  The benchmark tester is an intermediate building electrical systems designer, having spent four years performing building electrical systems design for schools, offices, apartments, banks, and commercial buildings.  The tester is also an experienced AutoCAD user, with four and a half years of using a mix of AutoCAD 2000, 2006, and 2008.  What makes our results reasonably conservative is that the tester is not a DraftLogic Electrical expert; although he has been formally trained in the use of DraftLogic Electrical, he had time for only one production project and a couple of practice projects prior to performing the benchmark test.  So we did not use a DraftLogic Electrical ‘ringer’ for this test!



The benchmark test was performed using the exact same architect source drawing for each portion of the test and the exact same minimum deliverables requirements for each portion of the test.  The designer was allowed to use any AutoCAD functions and TWS Engineering extra CAD tools for the manual portion of the test, and then any DraftLogic Electrical functions in addition to these for the DraftLogic Electrical portion of the test.  We thus have closely simulated what typically goes on in medium to large size design environments since many organizations of this size have implemented some sort of CAD tools to aid manual work—things like drawing cleaning functions and keyboard shortcuts for often-used functions.


Expectations and Overall Results

Prior to running the formal benchmark, we knew from the designer’s production job that our clients will see a minimum doubling (2x) of performance in generating project deliverables.  This minimum expectation was due to the fact that the production job had systems devices types and locations detailed by the electrical contractor, meaning that much of DraftLogic Electrical’s automation could not be taken advantage of on that job.  We expected to see a ten times gain when better advantage was taken of DraftLogic Electrical’s functions.


In reality, the benchmark test proved out a thirteen times performance gain!  The project took just under 8% of the total time to complete using DraftLogic Electrical versus the manual method.  So we are now confident in stating that our users will see 2x to 13x performance gains in generating project deliverables in using DraftLogic Electrical versus regular AutoCAD.


White Paper To Come, Source Data Available Now

When time allows, a complete white paper will be written to detail the benchmarking process and results.  For now, please look to our public downloads page to get a copy of this initial summary that includes the detailed time trials.  We are also happy to provide any of the fourteen deliverables packages (seven for each portion of the benchmark test) if you desire to see the drawings produced.


Dean Whitford, B.Comm.
Chief Executive Officer